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TK Group. Statistics to the end of 2012.

45 PhDs and Postdocs have been through the lab.
22 (49%) of these have groups of their own in 9 different countries.

Postdoc Fate.

32 Postdocs have been through the lab. 84% stayed in academia, 5 went to companies, 1 left science.

19 went into group leader positions.
3 went into independent positions to become group leaders.
4 went on to do another postdoc.
4 went to a company.
1 set up a company (AbCam).
1 left science.

PhD Student fate.

13 PhD students have been through the lab.
8 (61%) went on to a postdoc position.
4 (31%) became group leaders.
2 went to work for a company.
3 left science.

Male/Female Ratio.

57% male : 43% female.

Nationalities of Lab Members.

20 nationalities have worked in the lab:
British, German, French, Danish, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese, American, Canadian, Australian, Cypriot, Turkish, Albanian, South African, Indonesian, Polish, Italian, Brazillian, Hong Kongese & South Korean.

Lab Retreats.

10 countiries have been visited so far, some more than once.
UK (4 destinations)
Italy (Rimini, Turin, Rome
Germany (Berlin)
Spain (Barçelona and Salobreña)
Portugal (Lisbo and Porto)
Belgium (Brussels)
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
France (Macon and Lille)
Poland (Krakow)

Czech Repubic (Prague)

Lab Reunions.

Lab reunions are organized every 5 years in Cambridge:
4 so far, 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016


158 papers published.
20 high impact publications:
16 papers in Nature.
13 papers in Cell.
1 paper in Science.

We have collaborated with over 80 labs worldwide.

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