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• Location:

We are situated in the centre of Cambridge, on the Old Addenbrookes site, near to many of the other science departments of Cambridge University (map). Lab address and contact details:

Kouzarides Lab
The Gurdon Institute
Tennis Court Road
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 334088
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 334089

About the Lab

Our lab is funded mostly by grants from Cancer Research UK (the biggest cancer charity in the world). The lab has a maximum number of 18 researchers. The ratio varies between PhD students and postdocs but the majority tends to be postdocs. Members of the lab come from all over the world. We have had lab members from France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, Albania, Turkey, South Africa, USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Indonesia, Hong Kong and South Korea as well as from the UK. If you want to know where these people ended up after they left the lab please look at here. The vast majority of postdocs have gone on to get their own lab or equivalent and most PhD students have gone on to do postdocs. Find out more about Tony Kouzarides.

Our research focuses on the regulation of chromatin during the process of transcription (See Research and Publications). We have regular Friday lab meetings where we discuss the science currently going on, and annual retreats where we discuss the type of science questions we should be addressing.

Annual Lab Retreat

We have an annual lab retreat where we discuss new strategies, new directions and new techniques. Retreats often take place abroad. Stansted airport and St Pancras International station are within easy reach of Cambridge therefore many European destinations are accessible and affordable. We usually go for three days. In recent years we have been to Italy, Portugal, Spain, Holland, France and Belgium. We practice the principle of: work hard, play hard! Click HERE for a list of past retreats and on the links to see some pictures.

Lab Reunion

In 2001 we instigated the TK lab reunion. The concept is that all past lab members are invited back to a reunion. This includes a scientific section in which anyone who wants to can present their current work, and also a party. Almost all past members who were in the lab from 1991-2001 came to the first reunion. The intention is to have a reunion every five years. The second reunion was held in 2006 and the third in January 2011. Click HERE to see reunion pictures.

The Gurdon Institute

As a place to work, the Institute is a wonderful environment. It has an international feel with many nationalities involved. It has an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere with many inter-lab collaborations taking place. The major themes are Cancer (funded by Cancer Research UK) and Development Biology (funded by The Wellcome Trust).

As a group, we are funded by a major grant from Cancer Research UK. We collaborate with a number of other froups in the institute including those of John Gurdon, Steve Jackson, Azim Surani and Eric Miska. The Institute has seminars on Wednesday lunchtime, given by members of groups within the Institute, in order to inform others of scientific progress in each lab. There is also an annual Institute Retreat where everyone goes away to a destination at least two hours away from Cambridge (so none can get back). There are talks by each group leader and posters by lab members. At the retreat there are also many fun events such as a treasure hunt, sports and a band for evening entertainment.


Current Laboratory Members: (Click HERE for more lab member info)

Prof Tony Kouzarides (British) t.kouzarides@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr Andrej Alendar (Serbian/Dutch) a.alendar@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr Paulo Amaral (Brazillian) p.amaral@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr Andrew Bannister (British) a.bannister@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr Isaia Barbieri (Italian) i.barbieri@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Ester Cannizzaro (Italian) ec506@cam.ac.uk
Dr Harvey Che (Hong Kongese) harvey.che@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Alistair Cook (British) aac22@cam.ac.uk
Dr Namshik Han (South Korean) n.han@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Sri (Cicik) Lestari (Indonesian/British) sal65@cam.ac.uk
Nikki Mann (British) ndo23@cam.ac.uk
Dr Carlos Melo (Portuguese) c.melo@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr Valentina Migliori (Italian) vm320@cam.ac.uk
Dr Gonzalo Millan Zambrano (Spanish) gm520@cam.ac.uk
Dr Luca Pandolfini (Italian


Dr Sam Robson (British) s.robson@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr Helena Santos-Rosa (Spanish) hsrs2@cam.ac.uk
Meike Wiese (German) mw587@cam.ac.uk


Past Lab Members: (Click HERE for more past member info)

Past member:   What they did after leaving the lab:


Christian Hagemeier (German) Set up his own lab in Germany
Didier Trouche (French) Set up his own lab in France
Jonathan Milner (British) Founded Abcam plc
Alex Brehm (German) Set up his own lab in Germany
Catherine Le Chalony (French) Senior Scientist position in France
S°ren Neilson (Danish) Senior Scientist at Bioimage
Paul Lavender (British) Set up his own lab in UK
Francois Fuks (Belgium) Set up his own lab in Belgium
Marian Martinez Balbas (Spanish) Set up her own lab in Spain
Laurence Vandel (French) Set up her own lab in France
Uta-Maria Bauer (German) Set up her own lab in Germany
Guida Ruas (Portuguese) Postdoc position in Oxford, UK
Emma Langley (French) Postdoc, San Diego, USA
Sylvain Daujat (French) Postdoc, France
Luke Hughes-Davies (British) Senior Clinical Scientist
Robert Schneider (German) Set up his own lab in France
Steve Sanders (American) Set up his own lab in USA
Susana Lopes (Portuguese) Working at Generics in UK
Chris Nelson (Canadian) Set up his own lab in Canada
Paul Hurd (British) Set up his own lab in UK
Sophie Deltour (French) Left science
David Lando (Australian) Postdoc in UK
Antonis Kirmizis (Cypriot) Set up his own lab in Cyprus
Hatice Akarsu (Turkish) Working at Horizon Discovery, UK
Blerta Xhemalce (Albanian) Set up her own lab in the USA
Till Bartke (German) Set up his own lab, UK
Marc Schneider (German) Working at Bayer (Germany)
Gonšalo Castelo-Branco (Portuguese) Set up his own lab in Sweden
Dr Mark Dawson (Australian) Set up his own lab in Australia
Dr Peter Tessarz (German) Set up his own lab in Germany
Dr Maria Christophorou (Cypriot) Set up her own lab in Edinburgh
Dr Emma Viré (Belgian) Postdoc, UCL Institute of Neurology, UK
PhD Students:    
Jacqui Sutherland (British) Went into accounting
Helen Brown (British) Postdoc in Los Angeles, USA
Juliet Reid (British) Postdoc in Boston, USA
Klaus Martin (German) Management Consultant
Eric Miska (German) Group Leader Gurdon Institute
Philip Zegerman (British) Postdoc in London, UK
Wendy Burgers (South African) Set up her own group in Cape Town
Dan Wolf (British) Sadly deceased
Graeme Cuthbert (Australian) Management Consultant, London, UK
Karen Halls (British) Working at Abcam plc
Claire Pike (British) Postdoc in Cambridge, UK
Beata Wyspianska (Polish) Working at GSK, Stevenage, UK
Cynthia Hill (American) Doctoral student in Boston, USA.
Prof Dennis McCance (Northern Irish) Sabatical from Rochester University, USA.
Jessica Morison (Australian)  
Chun Yew Fong (Australian)  

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