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Principal Investigator

F.J. (Rick) Livesey: Rick did his undergraduate and preclinical medical studies in Cork, Ireland before joining the MB/PhD programme at the University of Cambridge Clinical School. He did his PhD at the MRC LMB in Steve Hunt's group and post-doctoral work with Connie Cepko at the Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School. Rick started his group at the Gurdon Institute in September 2001.


Steven Moore: Came from James Briscoe's lab at NIMR with a strong background in neural development and embryology.

Lewis Evans: worked on export and assembly of extracellular protein structures in Colin Hughes’ lab, Cambridge and is now investigating formation and spread of ordered protein aggregates associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. He once made a Scotch egg from an ostrich egg.

Phil Brownjohn: joined us in October 2014 after a PhD and postdoc at the University of Otago. His interests lie in pharmacology and neuroscience, and he is working to identify compounds affecting protein processing in Alzheimer's disease.

Francesco Paonessa: completed his PhD at the Italian Institute of Technology, where he mainly worked on neural genes regulation. He is now investigating the role of Tau mRNA in Alzheimer’s Disease and Tauopathies.

Federica Marinaro: joined us in September 2016. Her previous studies at the Italian Institute of Technology were mainly focused on physiological and pathological embryonic cortical development. She is now working on the in vitro modelling of sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease with the aim to uncover the causes of the early onset of the disease.

Elsa Ghirardini:

Moritz Haneklaus:

Christy Hung:

PhD Students

Ayiba Momoh: Originally a Research Assistant in the lab after a Master's at Imperial College London, Ayiba is now pursuing a PhD with us.

Alessio Strano: 4-year Wellcome Trust PhD student from Sardinia.

Ravi Solanki: MB/PhD student; West Philadelphia born and raised, making 3D cortical organoids is how he spends most of his days.

Frances St George-Hyslop:

Sylvia Hnatova:

Group Secretary

Jayne Fisher: Joined us in December 2013 to help keep track of the growing lab.

Research Assistants

James Smith: James was Rick's first recruit to the lab, after working in high thoughput genotyping. He makes sure the lab runs smoothly, and is currently setting up a small molecule screen on disease iPSC lines.

Vickie Stubbs: Research assistant, Vickie controls our stem cell bank.

Ellie Tuck: A key part of our reprogramming team, Ellie turns fibroblasts from Alzheimer's patients into pluripotent stem cells.

Ashley Campbell:

Former lab members

We always love to hear from past lab members to know how they are doing after leaving the lab. Please drop us an email if you are happy to be included here, but for data protection reasons we are not allowed to share the excellent work you have been doing with consent.


Rick Livesey

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