Common name:Wnt5b
X. tropicalis clone name:TGas012b13

PhenotypeEmbryos develop normally at the onset of gastrulation. However, by tailbud stage they are have a very short axis and are ventralised although most tissues appear to have developed normally. At tadpole stages embryos are slightly shorter than controls with ventral oedema.
Phenotypic ClassBENT AXIS
Synphenotype GroupBENT DOWN TAIL

MO-1 phenotypes

control - gastrula control - tailbud control - tadpole
morpholino - gastrula morpholino - tailbud morpholino - tadpole

PhenotypeEmbryos exhibit a delay in the onset of gastrulation and are dead by stage 28. They appear to die during gastrulation/neurulation
Phenotypic ClassGASTRULA
Synphenotype GroupGASTRULA DEFECTS

MO-2 phenotypes

control.2 - gastrula control.2 - tailbud control.2 - tadpole
morpholino.2 - gastrula morpholino.2 - tailbud morpholino.2 - tadpole

Expression data

expression - gastrula expression - neurula expression - tailbud expression - tadpole

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Expression profile

Expression levels, estimated from EST data, relative to total library clones.

0.01% 0.01%
Stage specific expression levels Tissue specific expression levels
stage 1 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60tissue Bod Brn Fat Hrt Int Kid Liv Lun Mus Ova Ovi Ski Spl Sto Te