Here is a selection of movies from our live cell assays

1: Cyclin B1-YFP in dividing HeLa cells - Anja Hagting

2: Photoactivatable cyclin B1 activated on centrosomes - Jo Richardson

3: Photoactivatable cyclin B1 activated on the spindle - Jo Richardson

4 The Elvis phenotype

(Excess Polo-like kinase deregulates exit from mitosis - Cath Lindon

5: FRET biosensor for raf activity. (FRET : Blue = low, Red = high.)

The COS cell is stimulated with serum to stimulate raf just after the movie starts. - Olivier Gavet. FRET construct courtesy of A. Miyawaki.

6: Starfish oocyte degrading cyclin A-GFP in meiosis at Woods Hole

(Fay Cooke, Barbara Di Fiore, Lars Koop, Cath Lindon, Takahiro Matsusaka, Jonathon Pines & Mark Terasaki)

7: EB1-GFP labeling the mitotic spindle

(Anja Hagting)

8: The Antephase checkpoint

(Takahiro Matsusaka)