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Panel session in full swing at the Milner Symposium last month. See below for results from the voting system.

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Welcome to the Milner Therapeutics Institute newsletter! The intention of this letter is to bring together the academic and industrial components of our Institute. We are a therapeutics ecosystem involving three academic institutions (University of Cambridge, Sanger and Babraham Institutes), seven pharmaceutical companies, 14 affiliated institutions, 39 affiliated companies from Cambridge and abroad, and 2 affiliated venture partners. Information flow and connectivity between these distinct components of our structure is key to our mission. Visit the Milner web site for Further info »


Milner Update: December 2017


Milner Therapeutics Institute wins Medical Advancement Institute of the Year 2017. Read below for details

The Milner Therapeutics Institute Annual Symposium took place last month and the feedback has been fantastic. The talks were well received, and use of a live audience voting system during the panel session enabled everyone to express their views.

Results from the voting session confirmed that Milner activities were much needed with participants identifying the major barriers to academic/industry collaboration as the length of time to put collaborations in place and lack of communication between different sectors. To overcome these participants requested more opportunities to connect and exchange information and simplified processes to interact and collaborate.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the symposium and helped make it such a success. If you have any suggestions for the 2018 symposium, please let us know! More photographs from the day are available here ».

The Milner Ecosystem is growing. Over the past 6 months we have welcomed Johnson & Johnson Innovation to our Consortium, as well as 6 new affiliated companies, and 14 affiliated institutions. We are also delighted to have partnered up with 2 affiliated Venture Partners, who will help to mentor and advise entrepreneurs setting up biotech companies. You can find details of all our new affiliates by visiting our website here »

We were privileged to receive the Medical Advancement Institute of the Year 2017 award from AI Global Media earlier this month. The award is in recognition of our global alliance, which we have increased from 6 organisations in 2015 to 65 organisations in 2017. Our alliance enables partnerships between pharma, biotech, service providers and academia to convert ground-breaking science into therapies, and we are delighted to have been recognised for this. This award belongs to not only The Milner Therapeutics Institute, but to all our partners! Read more »

We have a new website! The Milner Team were incredibly busy last month, since not only did we hold our annual symposium, but also launched our new website. You can explore the site here »

If you would like to order any copies of our new glossy brochure, please contact us at


Affiliated Company Spotlight


Charles River provides essential products and services to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies and leading academic institutions around the globe accelerate their research and drug development efforts. Charles River has particular expertise in early drug discovery as recent press releases and partnering activities highlight expansion of their oncology and neuroscience capabilities.

Charles River Laboratories

In August, Charles River announced the acquisition of Brains On-Line, a neuroscience-focused provider of microdialysis and in vivo efficacy and pharmacokinetics testing. Together, Brains On-Line and Charles River are a premier early-stage research and development partner for neuroscience drug discovery. Read more »

In October, Charles River announced its expansion of their in vitro oncology services through a partnership with InSphero. Through this partnership, Charles River will license its collection of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) tumors to InSphero. Additionally, Charles River will leverage InSphero’s proprietary 3D cell culture technology to further extend and complement its pre-clinical services. Read more »

To see the most recent drug discovery success from Charles River, a press release this week announced an integrated disovcery project with ENYO Pharma which identified five targets and related molecules with a functional effect to inhibit Influenza replication. Read more »

The Genestack bioinformatics platform brings together a flexible knowledge management infrastructure, visual analytics tools, pipelines and reports, to help its clients in pharma, healthcare, consumer goods and academia leverage the benefits of multi-omics and big data.

Dr Misha Kapushesky, Genestack founder and CEO

Established in Cambridge in 2012, Genestack provides bio data management for bioinformatics, discovery and toxicogenomics: it has already been adopted by a number of Top 10 pharma and consumer goods companies.

Genestack takes away the pain of multi-omics data management. Its platform and tools provide easy access to all of the public or proprietary data that a researcher would need, loaded, indexed, searchable and ready for analysis. Its goal is to help users leverage high-throughput multi-omics data to fast-track drug discovery, improve precision medicine and advance bioinformatics research. Through close collaborations with clients across the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, biotechnology, agri-tech and healthcare industries, Genestack helps to leverage the benefits of big data. By making bioinformatics more accessible, it frees bioinformaticians from the routine elements of their work, and empowers researchers to refocus their efforts on discovery.

Contact us at

Find out more here »


Affiliated Company News


Repositive joins partnership to transform access and analysis of biomedical research for NIH. Read more »

Sphere Fluidics doubles UK Lab and Office Space at Babraham Research Campus to enable company expansion. Read the full article »

Censo Biotechnology awarded SMART funding to develop new stem cell technology. Read more »

Growth Factors Get Armoured: Cambridge Epigenetix identifies robust signatures from liquid biopsy samples. Read more »

Eagle Genomics create Microbiome Knowledge Base, intended to be an interactive, dynamic resource between scientists, academia and industry to share the latest microbiome studies, applications, news and developments. Read more »

Agilent Technologies Thought Leader Award presented to renowned drug discovery researcher Professor Jiandong Jiang. Read more »

BTG announce directorate change of their Chief Financial Officer. Read more »

CRT: "Tumour analysis following surgery could provide breakthrough in predicting how well cancer patients respond to drug treatment." Read more »

Diagenode launches new ChIPmentation™ technology to investigate proteins and DNA interactions from very low input amounts. Read more »

Exonate announces the formation of ophthalmology Clinical Advisory Board. Read more »

Genedata screener strengthens collaborative research at Axxam. Read more »

Genestack offers 'missing link' for genomics drug discovery Read more »

Horizon Discoveries partners with The Michael J. Fox Foundation to introduce novel pre-clinical models for Parkinson’s Disease Read more »

Linguamatics I2E takes NLP Text Mining to New Heights. Read more »

Modiquest Research expands its antibody portfolio - get 30% discount! Read more »

Phoremost and Sixth Element Capital Announce Creation and Investment in NeoPhore, an Immuno-Oncology Company. Read more »

AngelList picks Quid as a top machine learning company. Read more »




Metrion Biosciences External Speaker Series
11th December, Granta Park, Cambridge

Professor Mustafa Djamgoz - “Ion channels: the next frontier in the understanding and treatment of cancer”. Read more »

Genesis 2017
14th December, London

The event will engage all the key elements for those active in R&D, finance, policy making and service provision across Life Sciences, Digital and Health Technology fields in creating a vision of where the sector is heading. Read more »

NanoBRET: A Quantitative Technique to Measure Kinase Target Engagement in Live Cells
23rd January 2018, Promega Webinar

Dr. Anderson will review the interpretation and reporting difficulties experienced when medical conditions have the potential to influence forensic casework results. Read more »

ELRIG Research and Innovation 2018: New Biology, New Targets
17th & 18th April 2018, Cambridge

With presentations and workshops from leaders in environmental and food analysis, the meeting takes place over 3 days. Read more »

Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference
23rd April 2018, Cambridge

The conference provides new, experienced and potential users of Linguamatics I2E software an excellent opportunity to explore the latest trends in natural language processing-based text mining. Read more »

BioTrinity UK Biopartnering and Investment Conference
23rd - 25th April, London

The theme for BioTrinity 2018 is 'Next Generation Healthcare' which will be explored via a range of insightful keynote and panel discussions. Read more »




Head of Protein Sciences; Team Leader, NPD, Imaging & Flow

Abcam Read more »

Chief Commercial Officer

BioAscent Read more »

Group Leader HTS; Group Leader, Integrated Biology

Charles River Laboratories Read more »

Project Manager; Bioinformatician (f/m)

Definiens Read more »

Product Manager (Molecular Screening); Scientists - In vitro Gene Engineering; Principal Scientist- Immuno-Oncology ; Cell Culture Scientists - HTS platform, and more

Horizon Discovery Read more »

Senior Sales and Business Development Executive

Metrion Biosciences Read more »

Research Associate – R&D; Senior Research Associate – R&D

O2H Discovery Read more »

Bioinformatics Scientist (post-doctoral)

Storm Therapeutics Read more »

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