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The Milner Research Labs, in concept and now

Milner Update: March 2019


The Milner Research Labs will be opening in April, and there will be exciting opportunities ahead to engage with us on the biomedical campus. Please check our website for further updates on the Research Labs in the coming months. Read more »

A central goal of the Milner Therapeutics Consortium is to drive new collaborations between academics and industry. During the past four years,
19 research projects
have been established across ten departments of the University. We are now able to make the first public announcement of these projects. Read more »

The AstraZeneca-CRUK Functional Genomics Centre will be opening in the Milner labs in July. This new collaborative centre of excellence will explore the function and interaction of genes and proteins in cancer and will apply new genome-altering technologies such as CRISPR to create sophisticated models of the disease for research. Read more »

We are delighted that new affiliated companies have joined the Milner affiliated company scheme in 2019, including GE Healthcare, Twist Bioscience and Elpis Biomed. Read more »


Ferring Workshop: March 2019


We were delighted to welcome a team from Ferring Pharmaceuticals — who joined our Milner Therapeutics Consortium this year — in Cambridge last week for their first workshop, in which they met with researchers across different departments focusing on reproductive biology.

Morten Persson, Director of External Innovation Sourcing, said "Ferring Pharmaceuticals are actively looking for innovation that can help improve the health outcomes in our areas of expertise: reproductive medicine, obstetrics and gynecology. With this workshop we wanted to take the first steps towards building new partnerships and collaborations with world-class academics from the Cambridge community through the Milner Therapeutics Consortium. Several new ideas and unique capabilities were presented and discussed during the workshop and I believe this meeting has laid the foundation for a very interesting long-term partnership with the University of Cambridge.”


The Milner Therapeutics Symposium 2019


Registration is now open for the Milner Therapeutics Symposium on June 25th. As well as our plenary sessions, the symposium this year will include parallel sessions in oncology, CNS therapeutics, cardiovascular & metabolism, anti-microbial resistance & the microbiome. Registration is free for all academics. Register now »


Academic Spotlight


Professor Gerard Evan
Head of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

Research focus: Molecular basis of cancer — understanding how cancers arise, are maintained, and how successful therapies work.

Recent advance from the lab: The Myc transcription factor induces cancers by hacking into the distinct endogenous physiological regenerative programmes of tissues. Inhibiting Myc triggers tumour regression by hacking into a physiological programme for injury resolution.

Evan GI et al. Clin. Cancer Res. 23, 1647-1655 (2017) Read more »
Kortlever RM et al. Cell 171, 1301-1315 (2017) Read more »

Key challenge for the field: Cutting through the complexity and heterogeneity of cancers to find the common, targetable principles that underlie them.

Most exciting basic or clinical breakthrough in the field during the past few years: The emerging and currently under-appreciated discovery that the innate immune system plays analogous key roles in both normal tissue repair and cancer.


Affiliated Company Spotlight


Daria Donati
Director, Business Development & Innovation

Max Liedtke
Academic Account Manager, UK

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Company formed in: GE was founded by Thomas Edison in 1878

Size: Large multinational

Type: Biotech, pharma

Who you need to know: Daria Donati and Max Liedtke

Location: Uppsala, Sweden (Daria) and Amersham, UK (Max)

Key research or technology focuses: GE Healthcare Life Sciences focus on the development of tools, technologies and services enabling: Cell & Gene Therapy, Bioprocessing, End to end Manufacturing, Bio manufacturing platform development (for mAbs, vaccines, viral vectors and much more), Analytics, Protein research, Genomics, Cellular Analysis, Molecular Biology, Research Hardware from early stage development- all the way to large biopharma production.

Expertise: GE Life Sciences is at the forefront of innovation and expertise within: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing (biopharma molecules/cell therapies/viral production & purification); Pharmaceutical Diagnostic (development of agents, imaging technologies, digital platforms); Automation and digitalization (from integration to predictive); Working with leading companies and researchers to enable patients around the world a brighter future through personalized medicine.

Find out more about GE Life Sciences by emailing or , or by clicking the logo below.

Mark Kotter
CEO and Scientific Founder

Elpis Biomed

Company formed in: Incorporated in November 2016, started operations end of 2017

Size: Start-Up

Type: Tech platform and Lab Supplier

Who you need to know: Mark Kotter, CEO and Scientific founder

Based in: Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Key research or technology focuses: Stem cell research, induced pluripotent stem cells, cellular reprogramming into different mature human cell types, genome editing

Expertise: We can provide expertise in stem cell research and generation of in vitro disease models for drug screening and toxicology.

Find out more about Elpis Biomed by emailing , or by clicking the logo below.


Affiliated Company News


Metrion Biosciences and LifeArc have announced a collaboration agreement for neuroscience-focused ion channel drug discovery, aiming to identify novel selective small molecule modulators of a specific ion channel target implicated in neurological pathogenesis. Read more »

Amgen has been named #5 on Fast Company’s list of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech for 2019. Read more »

Twist Bioscience CEO and founder Emily Leproust was interviewed on how she built the company from a start-up to public company. Read more »

MedAnnex has been awarded funding from Innovate UK for their Lupus Therapeutic Development programme. Read more »

Repositive's Cancer Models Platform has become the largest global marketplace for translational cancer models to support precision medicine, now including over 4,540 cancer models. Read more »

Cambridge Epigenetix has announced a programme for routine screening and detection of colorectal cancer and other common tumours using an epigenetic biomarker, following completion of a c. $30 million funding round. Read more »

Nemesis Bioscience has appointed a new Chairman, Simon Sturge, from Merck Healthcare. The company has also announced the expansion of its presence at Aberystwyth University by opening a new pre-clinical development facility. Read more »

CamBioScience Ltd has secured c.£1.1m of funding to fuel the global scale-up of OBRIZUM®, a learning platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize and quicken individual employee learning and training processes. Read more »

Eagle Genomics, a microbiome discovery platform company, has been selected to join the latest cohort of the Microsoft AI factory accelerator programme, based in Paris. Read more »

Cambridge Cancer Genomics co-founders John Cassidy, Harry Clifford, Evaline Tsai and Nirmesh Patel were named on Forbes’ annual 30 under 30 list, in the field of science and healthcare. Read more »

Definigen have announced that ERS Genomics have licensed CRISPR Gene Editing Technology to the company for developing human cell models to support the preclinical development of therapeutics. Read more »

Benevolent AI, in partnership with the Association of Medical Research Charities, is running the ‘BenevolentAI Award’, aiming to help charities accelerate medical research and potentially develop new treatments and therapies using artificial intelligence. Read more »

O2H have launched a new therapeutics fund, which will have an investment focus on therapeutic drug opportunities or technologies that enable drug discovery with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read more »

Linguamatics have reported on the use of their natural language processing (NLP) platform by researchers at the University of Utah to obtain rapid high-quality data on breast cancer patients. Read more »

Fluidic Analytics has been named in the Europe Start-up 100 2019 list by Silicon Republic. Read more »

Genedata has released a new request management system for biotherapeutics R&D processes. Read more »

Cell Guidance Systems and researchers from King’s College London have received funding from Innovate UK for a £270k project that will assess the potential of growth factor delivery using their PODS® technology to treat Parkinson’s Disease. Read more »

LabKey have announced their 2018 development highlights and vision for 2019, including introduction of new ways for users to review and respond to development plans. Read more »


Local Events


Bioengineering Conference
15th March, Cambridge

This half-day conference will showcase current collaborations between engineers, scientists and the wider biological and biomedical community, and aims to build bridges between researchers and practitioners in these areas.
Read more »

Early Detection Multidisciplinary Networking Event
25th March, Cambridge

This first multidisciplinary networking event of 2019 will have a focus on liver cancer.
Read more »

ELRIG Research and Innovation 2019 meeting
2nd & 3rd April, Cambridge

This conference will discuss how the most promising new biology is being identified and discovered and seek to explore what promising new technologies and innovations are emerging to enable this science to be effectively translated into successful therapeutics.
Read more »

Cambridge New Therapeutics Forum (CamNTF)
2nd April, Cambridge

This meeting will include talks from Selim Cellek on new advances in anti-fibrotic therapeutics, Havovi Chichger on novel approaches to the treatment of microvascular disease and Clett Erridge on drug discovery for innate immune targets. Attendance is free and open to all.
Read more »

Personal Genomes: Accessing, Sharing and Interpretation
11th & 12th April, Cambridge

This meeting will focus on opportunities and limitations in personal genetic testing, the benefits of sharing personal genomes, the challenges, resources and technologies to help with interpretation of personal genomes.
Read more »

Annual John Addenbrooke Lecture
24th April, Cambridge

Carol Black, President of Newnham College: ‘A Woman in Medicine: Climbing Ladders, Branching Out’
Email Sarah Chantler to attend.

Impulse training programme
29th April, Cambridge

Impulse, the Cambridge Entrepreneurship Programme for Tech Innovators based at the Maxwell Centre, serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in individuals and organisations. Deadline for applications is March 31st.
Read more »

Seventh Annual Sir John Walker Lecture
30th May, Cambridge

David Sabatini, Whitehead Institute and MIT.
Email Penny Peck to attend.

CRUK Cambridge Centre Early Detection
15th - 18th July, Cambridge

International Summer School: Discovery and Development of Diagnostics for the Early Detection of Cancer.
Read more »

Storm Therapeutics Conference
17th - 20th July, Cambridge

RNA epigenetics in Human Disease
Read more »




Clinical programmer, Cambridge Cancer Genomics. Read more »

Machine learning researcher, Cambridge Cancer Genomics. Read more »

Drug discovery scientist, Phoremost. Read more »

Director of Protein scientist/structural biologist, Domainex. Read more »

Medicinal chemists, Domainex. Read more »

Assay Biologists, Domainex. Read more »

Graduate Full Stack Developer, Python, Linguamatics. Read more »

Senior Manager Full Stack Developer, Javascript, Linguamatics. Read more »

Senior Scientist, Targeted therapies, Oncology, Selvita. Read more »

AI scientist, Benevolent AI. Read more »

Health Informatics Specialist, Translational Medicine, Benevolent AI. Read more »

Senior Machine Learning Researcher, Benevolent AI. Read more »

Electrophysiologists, Drug Discovery, Metrion Biosciences. Read more »

Scientific consultant, Field application scientist, Genedata. Read more »

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