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Executive Manager Kathryn Chapman talking industry/academic collaborations at On Helix 2017

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Welcome to the Milner Therapeutics Institute newsletter! The intention of this letter is to bring together the academic and industrial components of our Institute. We are a therapeutics ecosystem involving three academic institutions (University of Cambridge, Sanger and Babraham Institutes), six pharmaceutical companies and 38 affiliated companies from Cambridge and abroad. Information flow and connectivity between these distinct components of our structure is key to our mission.

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Milner Update: July 2017


Registration is now open for our annual Milner Therapeutics Symposium at West Road Concert Hall

The Milner Therapeutics Institute research laboratories, which will be situated within the Capella building next to the CRUK Cambridge Cancer Institute, are due to be completed in the summer of 2018. Starting with the initial 'ground-breaking', the construction and progress of the Capella building has been documented in a timelapse video which condenses 17 months of building work into a 3 minute film of the complete process here »

To learn more about the vision and philosophy of the Milner Therapeutics Institute you may want to read two recent articles we have been featured in. The first was released in the latest Research Horizons magazine and describes our ecosystem to nurture and speed up the development of new medicines. Read the full article here » . To highlight the release of an article in Drug Discovery World we were also involved in a roundtable Q&A discussion on partnering for drug discovery success, which has been published on the Charles River Laboratories Eureka blog »


Milner Therapeutics Symposium


Registration is now open for our annual Milner Therapeutics Symposium at West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge. The symposium will take place on the 2nd October. See the full programme and register here »


Affiliated Company News


BTG have joined our affiliate partnership scheme. BTG’ s Interventional Medicine products offer exciting opportunities for academics and clinicians to collaborate in finding smart, often unconventional solutions to complex medical problems. Read more »

BioAscent launch Compound Cloud set to increase hit success and reduce costs in early-stage drug discovery. Read more »

Phoremost and Babraham Institute Awarded £0.6M Innovate UK Funding. Read more »

Growth Factors Get Armoured: Cell Guidance Systems announces the commercial launch of its flagship PODS™ technology addressing the inherent instability of growth. Read more »

Exonate awarded ‘ One to Watch’ at the UK Business Angels Association Investment Awards (UKBAA) last week Read more »

Sphere Fluidics were the winners of the Best Investment in Life Science Category at the UKBAA event and have recently launched Cyto-Mine, their novel single cell analysis system in the USA and Europe. Read more »

Repositive were nominated for four UKBAA awards. To see all the winners Read more »

A recent publication from Cyclofluidic Integrated Discovery shows the development of a microfluidic assay for monitoring the inhibition of thrombin peptidase activity. Read more »

Censo Biotechnologies and Leeds University collaborate to create stem cells from brain cancer tissue. Read more »

Storm Therapeutics and Repositive are announced as finalists in the biotech category of theCambridge Independent Entrepreneurial Science and Technology Awards. Read more »

Ubiquigent launches DUBtargetTM, the first novel compound library addressing the target rich deubiquitinase family and REDOXprofilerTM for identifying REDOX cycling compounds Read more »

Porphyrins – From Diodes to Enzymes. New Strem blog on using porphine derivative ligands for the preparation and functionalization of porphyrins. Read more »

Healx named as a leading global innovator in 2017 Disrupt 100. Read more »

Generation Genome: A Horizon Discovery comment on the UK Chief Medical Officer’ s 2016 annual report. Read the full article »

Horizon Discovery announces New Gene Editing Technology Platform for Research and Therapeutic Applications. Read more »

Active Motif launches three new products, TAMChIP, low cell ChIP and Sortag IT. Read more »

Biomax publish article about Synthetic Biology: a Amalgam of Genetics, Automation and Computer Algorithms. Read more »

Promega release new Bioluminescent Cell-Based T Cell Activation Bioassays. Find out more »

RNA-seq with Diagenode: Obtain high transcript detection on low-input challenging samples. Read more »

Save time and get the full epigenetic landscape by combining RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and DNA methylation studies. Learn more on Diagenode: Epigenomics Profiling Services. Read more »

Cambridge Epipgenetix licenses fundamental DNA methylation IP from Boston Childrens Hospital. Read more »

Imagine IF! The Innovation Forum Global Accelerator for Science Ventures 2017 competition deadline is 28th July 2017 Apply here »


Affiliated Company Spotlight


BTG's focus on Interventional Medicine and in particular loco-regional therapy to treat tumours is hugely important for the tolerability and efficacy of cancer treatment and preservation of robust immune-system function.

Dr Melanie Lee

“BTG is pleased to become an affiliate industrial member of the Milner Therapy Institute to join the ecosystem of the renowned academic institutions of Cambridge, Sanger and Babraham and affiliate companies in this era of transformation of medical therapy” Dr Melanie Lee, CSO.

At BTG we are focused on bringing to market innovative products in specialist areas of medicine to better serve doctors and patients. Our growing portfolio of Interventional Medicine products is designed to advance the treatment of cancer, severe emphysema, severe blood clots and varicose veins, while our Specialty Pharmaceuticals portfolio offers antidotes that alleviate toxicity and treat rare conditions. Healthcare is constantly evolving – so BTG never stands still. Inspired by a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we’ re working to meaningfully improve the lives of patients and their healthcare experience.

Our competitive advantage is our dedication to finding smart, often unconventional solutions to complex medical problems. Many of our products combine medicines, device technology and new techniques in order to deliver more targeted treatments. We also invest in the clinical evidence to help demonstrate the value of our products to doctors, patients, and healthcare systems.

Whether developed in our own labs or in partnership with clinicians, academics and other companies, we believe passionately that medical innovation has the power to improve human health. Imagine where we can go. Read more »

Biomax provides computational solutions that help clients manage their knowledge assets and use them to make better decisions, develop innovative products and find new ways to solve complex problems.

Dr John Sgouros

Biomax Informatics AG was founded in 1997 as a spin out of the Max Plank Institute of Biochemistry (Martinsried, Germany) by Professor Dr. Hans-Verner Mewes, Dr. Klaus Heumann and Dr. Dmitrij Frishman. We our headquartered in Munich, with global offices in London (UK), Vienna (Austria) and Madison, Wisconsin (USA). While Biomax has proven expertise in several life science sectors, Biomax solutions are increasingly applied to new areas by the most innovative organizations in the world.

Our flagship product BioXM is a knowledge management system that can tie Electronic Medical Records to NGS workflows, pharma Electronic Lab Notebooks and clinical studies along with IP queries and give useable intelligence to the team. This is just a small example of the diverse data types that we have the capability of working with. Database integration is done by configuration, i.e. point-and-click, without the need to write source code. The semantic data model can be visualized via most commercial visual analytics software.

In personalized medicine, Biomax has helped clinicians to achieve improvement of treatment outcomes with substantial and measurable reduction in treatment cost per patient. Besides patient stratification, Biomax software can and is being used in Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, AIP departments, Risk Assessment, and by any other team aiming to make sense of data stored in database ‘ silos’ across their organisations.

We make Big Data usable to the decision makers Read more »

BioAscent are experts in compound collection logistics. From building a chemical library to a specific project, to the management of your compound collection – we offer a full range of services.

For the start of a new project or to enhance an existing collection, users can cherry-pick from our lead-like collection of 125,000 compounds, or from the commercial compound universe and receive the compound set ready to use, on the bench in days. We deliver the compounds already formatted, to save your scientists from performing the tedious dissolutions and dilutions involved in plating compounds. We also offer pre-plated and targeted libraries that include FDA-approved and clinical compounds used in target/pathway deconvolution and characterisation. Read more »

If you have a screening collection, why not enhance its value by outsourcing its management? Integrity and purity can be preserved through storage within an automated compound management facility. Our automated Brooks store plus dissolution, dilution and transfer stations were built by MSD to manage collections of up to 4 million compounds. Management of your collection will increase confidence in screening results and streamline assay setup through the delivery of ready to screen solutions.

To enquire about building or outsourcing a library with BioAscent, contact us via To read more about our offerings and services Click here »




Cambridge University Clinical School Postdoc Day
5th September, Cambridge

Collaboration in Research. Open to companies and academic researchers. Read more and register »

The CRISPR Forum 2017
17-18th October, Dublin

CRISPR gene editing - Drug discovery tool or therapeutic revolution? This unique meeting will bring leaders in the field together with a wide academic and commercial audience. Read more and register »

Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce: Informal Networking Evening
20th July, Cambridge

These popular informal networking evenings continue to attract businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industry sectors and are completely free to attend. Read more and register »

Metrion BioSciences external speaker series, Prof Stuart Bevan
3rd August, Cambridge

Professor Bevan will be speaking about his TRP channel research. Metrion has set aside some spaces for external scientists interested in hearing about Stuart's research. Read more and register »

The Cambridge Rare Disease Showcase
24th August, Cambridge

Findacure are inviting all stakeholders in the field to come together and share in the progress being made in the Cambridge area. Read more and register »

BioConclave 2017
6th - 7th September, London and Birmingham

bioConclave 2017 will explore how genomics, Big Data, connected care and healthcare are driving R&D, the diagnostics and treatment of diseases today and in the future. Read more and register »

Postdocs of Cambridge: 1st National Postdoc Meeting
19th - 20th September, Cambridge

The first National Postdoc Meeting hosted by the Postdocs of Cambridge (PdOC) Society and the University of Cambridge. The meeting aims to bring together representatives from research staff associations (RSAs) from around the UK and all interested postdocs. Read more and register »

From Discovery to Impact: Innovation in Academia
19th September, Oxford

Fostering Pharma collaborations, securing grants for innovation and investment opportunities to innovate in the University setting Read more and register »

PostDoc Research Showcase
21st September, Cambridge

Quick-fire pitches of the latest research in the Social Sciences. Make new connections with young researchers from the University of Cambridge and learn about what they could offer your organisation or company. This event is part of the opening ceremony of the new North West Cambridge site. Read more and register »

The 18th Cambridge Immunology Forum – 'Tissue-Resident Immunity'
27th September, Cambridge

The 2017 meeting will focus on the complex and fascinating area of “Tissue-resident immunity”, allowing us to explore the increasing appreciation of the complexity and importance of local immune responses. Read more and register »

15th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress
27th - 28th September, London

This meeting will focus on the key developments in Big Data and analytics, lab informatics, collaboration, digital health, wearable technologies, blockchain technology, lab automation and challenges in data privacy. Read more and register »

ELRIG Drug Discovery
3rd - 4th October, Liverpool

This conference will explore innovative technologies and approaches that can be used to overcome drug development challenges, and bring together industry leaders who will discuss future opportunities for novel therapeutic discovery Read more and register »

London Cell Cycle Club
3rd October, London

The London Cell Cycle Club provides a venue for labs doing fundamental cell cycle research in model organisms to interact with those using mammalian cells to drive research in a more ‘translational’ direction. Read more and register »

BioData World Congress
2nd - 3rd November, Cambridge

BioData World Congress 2017 will bring together academia, industry and healthcare to discuss and debate how to come together to improve efficiencies within bio IT and biodata to the benefit of patients worldwide. Read more and register »

PHG Foundation Annual Conference
28th November, Cambridge

The PHG Foundation's annual conference will explore exciting new opportunities arising from genomics and the more distant prospects ahead. Read more and register »

Innovation Forum Leaders Conference
4th - 5th December, Oxford

This conference gathers top leaders from industry, academia and government and mixes them with early stage ventures investors and researchers. The conference is centered on innovation in deep science industries, with a particular focus on pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors. Read more and register »




Business Account Manager, Biopharma R&D

Genedata Read more »

Scientific Consultant / Field Application Scientist, Screener

Horizon Discovery Read more »

Director of Portfolio Development

Abcam Read more »

Clinical Research Associate or Research Associate

MRC Cancer Unit Read more »

Data Scientist: Data Insight; Biostatistician; Contracts Administrator (Legal)

CEGX Read more »

Key Account Manager

Active Motif Read more »

Senior scientist: Pharmacology

Exonate Read more »

Biosample Acquisition Officer: iPSC Services Department

Censo Biotechnologies Read more »

Product Manager; Business Development Associate; Lead Back-End Engineer; Lead Front-End Engineer

Repositive Read more »

R&D Project Manager; Inside Sales Manager; Key Account Manager

Diagenode Read more »

Senior Research Associate: R&D

o2h Read more »

Computer System Validation Specialist

Charles River Laboratories Read more »

Research Scientist - Machine Learning for Computer Vision and Data Analysist

Definiens Read more »

Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning

Quid Read more »

Application Scientist, Text Mining Software

Linguamatics Read more »

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