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Senior Research Associate

Yaron Galanty

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel
BSc (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
MSc and PhD (Tel Aviv Medical School, Tel Aviv)
Senior Postdoctoral fellow (funded by Cancer Research UK)
Research interests: Post-translational modification of DNA damage response proteins.
In addition to his research interests, Yaron carries out important roles advising other lab members, supervising both graduate and undergraduate students and the members of the CPES facility


Research Associates

Gabriel Balmus

Originally from Romania
DVM (University of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Medicine, Romania)
PhD University of Cornell, USA
Postdoctoral fellow (funded by Cancer Research UK)
Research interests: The DNA damage response in model organisms

Rimma Belotserkovskaya

Originally from St Petersburg, Russia
BSc, MSc (St Petersburg State University, Russia)
PhD University of Pennsylvania, USA
Postdoctoral fellow (funded by Cancer Research UK and Action for A-T)
Research interests: DNA repair and chromatin
My favourite recipe: Apple Sponge Squares

Rimma Belotserkovskaya

Serena Bologna

Originally from Milan, Italy
BSc (University of Milan)
MSc (University of Milan)
PhD (University of Zurich)
Postdoctoral fellow (funded by a Swiss National Science Fellowship)
Research interests: Synthetic lethality and the DNA damage response

Serena Bologna

Delphine Larrieu

Originally from Grenoble, France
PhD (University of Grenoble, France)
Postdoctoral fellow (funded by the MRC)
Research interests: Nuclear architecture, laminopathies and DNA damage

Francisco Muñoz-Martinez

Originally from Granada, Spain
PhD (Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine "López-Neyra", Granada, Spain)
Postdoctoral fellow, (Marie-Curie Intra-European fellow)
Research interests: Cellular models for human disease

Fabio Puddu

Originally from Settimo Milanese, Italy
MSc (Milan University, Italy)
PhD (Milan University, Italy)
Postdoctoral research (funded by Cancer Research UK)
Research interests: Replication and the DNA damage response in yeast

Photo Fabio Puddu

Israel Salguero

Originally from Extremadura, Spain
PhD University of Extremadura, Spain
Postdoctoral fellow (University of Oxford)
Postdoctoral fellow (funded by the Wellcome Trust)
Research interests: DNA damage response in yeast

Photo of Israel Salguero

Paul Wijnhoven

Originally from Nijmegen, the Netherlands
BSc (HAN-University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
PhD University of Cambridge, UK
Postdoctoral fellow (funded by Cancer Research UK)
Research interests: Ubiquitylation and the DNA damage response

Paul Wijnhoven

Graduate students

Will Chiang

Originally from Taiwan
BSc (Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan)
MSc (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)
Graduate student (Cambridge International Scholarship)
Research interests: CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing and DDR genetic screens for synthetic lethality and viability

Will Chiang

Harveer Dev

Originally from Yorkshire
MA, MB BChir (University of Cambridge)
MSc (University of Edinburgh)
Graduate Student (Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellow)
Research interests: Focused CRISPR screens of DNA damage response

Mareike Herzog

Originally from Hamburg, Germany
BA (University of Cambridge)
Graduate student (Joint with Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)
Research interests: Genomics of disease

PhD student photo

Donna Lowe

Originally from Oxford, UK
BSc (Oxford Brooks University)
Graduate student - part-time (Radiation Protection Scientist, Public Health England)
Research interests: Cellular responses to chronic radiation

Donna Lowe

Domenic Pilger

Originally from Cologne, Germany
BSc (Cologne University)
MSc (Cologne University)
Graduate student - (Cancer Research UK)

Rohan Sivapalan

Originally from Brentwood, Essex
BSc (University of Bath)
Graduate student (BBSRC iCASE)
Research interests: DDR protein-protein interactions in mammalian cells

Rohan Sivapalan

Core staff

Ana Barros

Originally from Coimbra, Portugal
BSc (Coimbra, Portugal), MSc (Birmingham, UK)
Technician (funded by Cancer Research UK)

Ana Barros

Linda Baskcomb

Originally from Grimsby, UK
BSc, MSc (Birmingham, UK)
Lab Manager (funded by Cancer Research UK)
Research interests: DNA repair.

Julia Coates

Originally from Chalfont St Peter, UK
BA, MA (Cambridge, UK)
Research Assistant (funded by Cancer Research UK)
Research interests: DNA repair.
My favourite recipe: Dorset Apple cake

Kate Dry

Originally from Bournemouth, Dorset
BSc (London University, UK)
PhD (Edinburgh University, UK)
Information Specialist: Background in molecular genetics with successful postdoctoral experience in both academic and commercial settings (funded by Cancer Research UK).

Kate Dry

Helen Reed


CPES (Cell and Protein Engineering and Screening) facility

Matylda Sczaniecka-Clift

Originally from Poznan, Poland
BSc and MSc (Poznan University, Poland)
PhD (Edinburgh University, Scotland)
Postdoc with Dr Maura Wallace, University of Edinburgh
Postdoctoral fellow (funded by Cancer Research UK)
Research interests: Cell cycle control and protein ubiquitination

Mukerrem Demir

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey
BSc (Istanbul, Turkey)
Technician (funded by Cancer Research UK)

Nicola Geisler

Originally from Huddersfield, Yorkshire
BSc (Huddersfield University, UK)
Senior Technician (funded by the Wellcome Trust)

Sasha Selivanova

Originally from Moscow, Russia
BSc (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Technician (funded by the Wellcome Trust)

Siyue Wang

Originally from China
BSc (Anhui University, Anhui, China)
MSc (University of Nottingham, UK)
Technician (funded by the Wellcome Trust)

Past lab members - in reverse chronological order

Note the details listed below are correct based on individuals' last known whereabouts. However, if you know differently please let us know.

Josep Forment (postdoc January 2007-November 2016).
After 9 years in the Jackson lab Josep has a post as lead in AstraZeneca's Oncology Innovative Medicines Division.

Matt Cornwell (graduate student October 2012-September 2016)
Matt is putting his background in Chemistry to good use, joining patent firm Boult Wade Tennant

Gopal Dhondalay (postdoc February 2015-October 2016)
Gopal is joining Kari Nadeau's group, Stanford University.

Natasha Lukashchuk (postdoc September 2009-July 2016)
Whilst staying in Cambridge, Natasha has taken up a postdoctoral position with AstraZeneca at their Global R & D Centre on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Pallavi Agarwal (postdoc March 2013-July 2016)
Pallavi has returned to India where she will take up a post in the Department of Biochemistry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal.

Christine Schmidt (postdoc May 2011-June 2016)
Christine has been awarded the Dean's Prize: Early Career Researcher Development Scheme at the Institute of Cancer Sciences, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, Manchester Cancer Research Centre. This new scheme aims to attract and nurture high-performing early research career investigators capable of leading a competitive programme of independent cancer research.

Andy Blackford (postdoc August 2012-May 2016)
After a successful postdoc career Andy has been awarded a CRUK Career Development Fellowship to allow him to set up his own lab at Oxford University.

Satpal Jhujh (technician March 2013-December 2015)
Sati is now a graduate student, studying for a PhD in the lab of Grant Stewart, Birmingham University. We wish him all the best with his studies.

David Weismann (postdoc January 2013-October 2015)
Following on from his EMBO fellowship David has taken a post with new antibody company F-Star

Carlos le Sage (postdoc October 2010-October 2015)
Carlos is staying in the Cambridge area and has taken up a new post at Horizon Discovery

Ryotaro Nishi (postdoc June 2010-March 2015)
Ryotaro has returned to Japan where he has been appointed Assistant Professor at Ritsumeikan University, Shiga.

Jessica Brown (Graduate student October 2010-November 2014)
Following a successful Clinical fellowship Jess has returned to medicine and is an SpR in Medical Oncology.

Jon Travers (postdoc October 2011-March 2014)
Jon has taken a post as postdoctoral research scientist in the Oncology Department, MedImmune.

Abdul Kaidi (postdoc July 2007-August 2013)
Abderrahmane Kaidi (Abdul) has been appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Cancer Biology and has set up his own lab as an MRC New Investigator at The University of Bristol

Sebastien Britton (postdoc Jan 2010-April 2013)
Sebastien has returned to France where he is now a Senior postdoc in Patrick Calsou's lab at the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology (CNRS), Toulouse. He will be continuing his research into DNA double-strand break repair.

Melanie Blasius (postdoc March 2008-Dec 2012)
Melanie is continuing her research career in the lab of Professor Jiri Bartek, Genome Integrity Unit, Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Copenhagen, Denmark

Ilaria Guerini (postdoc June 2009-Dec 2012)
Ilaria has returned to Italy where she is working a scientific officer in the Peer Review Office, AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research)

Tobias Oelschlaegel (postdoc Nov 2007-Sept 2012)
Toby has left academia to join Roche Diagnostics in Penzburg, Germany

Jeanine Harrigan (Postdoc March 2005-Dec 2011)
After a successful time in the lab Jeanine has joined MISSION Therapeutics, the new company recently founded by Steve Jackson

Jorrit Tjeertes (Graduate student Oct 2007-Sept 2011, postdoc -Dec 2011)
Jorrit is currently working as clinical demand and supply leader with Roche, Switzerland

Neha Thakkar (Technician Jan 2010-Nov 2011)
Neha has recently taken up a new post as Clinical Trials Specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, MA

Kyle Miller (Postdoc Dec 2006-August 2011)
Kyle has returned to the US; he has been appointed Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology and has set up his own lab at the University of Texas at Austin. Kyle has been awarded a $2 million start-up grant part of a state funded cancer research initiative organized by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). We wish him every success in his new post.

Kamila Jozwik (Graduate student Oct 2010-August 2011)
After being awarded her MPhil Kamila is studying for a PhD in lab of Dr Jason Carroll at the CRUK Cambridge Research Institute.

Ross Chapman (Graduate student Jan 2006-Oct 2010)
Having been a Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow in Simon Boulton's lab at the LRI, Clare Hall, Ross has taken up a new post as Group Leader at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford University.

Simona Giunta (Graduate student Oct 2006-Oct 2010)
After working as a UICC ICRETT Fellow in Australia and as a research associate for a few months in Rome Simona has now taken up a postdoctoral position in Professor Hironori Funabiki's lab, Rockefeller University, New York.

Sophie Polo (Postdoc Oct 2006-Sept 2010)
Sophie has recently been appointed group leader at the Epigenetics and Cell Fate Centre, Paris. We will miss her scientific expertise and her baking but, lucky for us, she left her chocolate banana cake recipe.

Sonja Flott (Postdoc Feb 2007-August 2010)
Whilst remaining in Cambridge, Sonja has decided to leave academia and has joined AbCam as Business Development Associate for Chromatin and Nuclear Signaling.

Pablo Huertas (Postdoc Oct 2004-April 2010)
Pablo has returned to Spain to run his own group, conducting research into DNA double-strand break repair and human disease at the CABIMER (Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine), University of Seville. He has recently been elected EMBO Young Investigator

Helen Kirkman (Lab technician Jan-Oct 2009)
Helen has taken up a new post at Illumina UK, Essex.

Chris Magill (Research assistant 1998-Dec 2008)
After 10 years of providing research support to many past and present members of the Jackson lab, Chris has finally hung up her lab coat. We wish her a happy retirement.

Philippa Smith (Lab manager Jan 2003-Oct 2008)
Lab manager for 5 years, Philippa has now moved to Christchurch, New Zealand where she is Project Manager at Canterbury District Health Board.

Serge Gravel (Postdoc Oct 2002-Oct 2008)
Serge has returned to Canada where he is Director of the aCGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridisation array) facility at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Robert Driscoll (PhD student Jan 2005-March 2008)
Following his postdoc in Karlene Cimprich's lab, Stanford University, Robert has a new post as an equity research assocaite with Wedbush Securities.

Richard Chahwan (PhD student Jan 2003-October 2007)
Following a postdoc in Matthew Scharff's lab, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, Richard has recently been appointed group leader, Dept of Biosciences, Exeter University.

Alex Sartori (postdoc Nov 2003-October 2007)
Alex has returned to Switzerland and is now a Professor in Molecular Cancer Research, researching DNA repair and the cell cycle, at the Institute of Molecular Cancer Research, University of Zurich.

Andreas Meier (postdoc May 2004-June 2007)
Andreas has returned to Switzerland where he has taken up a teaching post.

Sabrina Giavara (PhD student Oct 2001-March 2005, postdoc April 2005-May 2007)
Sabrina is now living in Singapore.

Venkat Pisupati (postdoc March 2002-Dec 2006)
Venkat is continuing his postdoctoral research at the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, Cambridge.

Abdel Moumen (postdoc Jan 2003-Nov 2006)
Abdel is Head of medical biotech R & D projects at the Moroccan Foundation for Science, Innovation and Research, Morocco.

Alicia Lee (PhD student Oct 2002-July 2006)
After taking time out from her research to teach English in China, Alicia has now returned to the UK and is working in Market Research in London.

Peter Ahnesorg (MPhil Sept 2001, PhD student Oct 2002-April 2006)
Following a short spell as a postdoc in Josef Jiricny's lab, Peter is now Division Sales Manager at Genentech in the US.

Andrew Hammet (postdoc Jan 2003-Dec 2005)
Andrew has returned to Australia and has recently joined the biopharmaceutical company CSL in Melbourne.

Ali Jazayeri (PhD student 1999-2003, postdoc Sept 2003-Dec 2005)
Ali is Head of Protein Engineering, Heptares Therapeutics Ltd, an MRC spin-out drug discovery company.

Jacob Falck (postdoc Oct 2003 - Sept 2005)
Jacob is a fund manager at Novo Nordisk.

Manuel Stucki (postdoc Jan 2001 - June 2005)
Having returned to Switzerland Manuel is Head of Research, Department of Gynecology, University Hospital Zurich and a group leader Institute of Veterinary Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Zurich University.

Philip M. Reaper (graduate student Oct 2000 - Aug 2004; postdoc Aug 2004 - May 2005)
Phil is now a Research Scientist with Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. based at their UK site in Oxfordshire.

Veronique Smits (postdoc April 2001-June 2004)
Veronique has a scientific post at the Unidad de investigacion, Hospital Universitario de Canarias, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain.

Michal Goldberg (postdoc Oct 1999-March 2004)
Michal has returned to Israel to set up her own group in the Genetics Department, the Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Muriel Grenon (postdoc Nov 2000-Feb 2004)
Muriel has taken a postdoctoral position in Noel Lowndes lab, Department of Biochemistry, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland.

Susan Short (visiting clinical fellow Jan 2003-Dec 2003)
Susan has returned to her clinical post as Senior Lecturer in Clinical Oncology and Translational Research at University College London and Gray Cancer Institute, London.

Soo-Hwang Teo (postdoc Oct 1998-Nov 2003)
After spending time as Head of Tissue Resources, Division of Translational Research at Cancer Research UK, London, Soo-Hwang has now returned to Malaysia where she is Chief Executive of the Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation.

Rajat Roy (graduate student Oct 1999-Nov 2003)
Rajat completed his PhD in 2003 and is currently a research associate with Dr Oliver Pardo at Imperial College London, working on lung cancer.

Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna (postdoc Oct 1996-July 2003)
Fabrizio left in August 2003 to set up his own group at the FIRC Institute for Molecular Oncology in Milan, Italy.

Jane Bradbury (information specialist April 2000-June 2003)
Jane left to develop her career as a freelance science and medical news writer and editor.

Jo Slator (lab manager 2000-Jan 2003)
Jo left the lab in mid-January 2003 to have her first baby. She now has two children, a girl and a boy.

John Rouse (postdoc Oct 1997-Oct 2002)
John moved to Dundee to set up his own group at the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit, Dundee University. He has recently been appointed Professor of Chromosome Biology.

Jessica Downs (graduate student 1996-1999, postdoc July 1999-Sept 2002)
After setting up her own group in the Biochemistry Department, Cambridge University, Jessica has now been apppointed Reader in Genome Stability at the Sussex Centre for Genome Damage and Stability, Sussex University, Down's lab.

Anne Harvey (Oct 2001-Oct 2002)
Anne completed her PhD with Jessica Downs.

Tom Wechsler (visiting graduate student Jan 2002-March 2002)
Tom spent three months in our lab on a collaborative visit in early 2002 before returning to Matthias Wabl's lab in San Francisco to complete his PhD studies. Following time as a postdoc in Steve West's lab, at CRUK London Research Institute he is now at Sangamo, USA.

Damien D'Amours (graduate student Oct 1997-Oct 2001)
Damien D’Amours is principal investigator at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer, and holds the Canada Research Chair in Cell Cycle Regulation and Genomic Integrity. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology of the Université de Montréal Faculty of Medicine.

Rebecca Appelhoff (graduate student Oct 2000-Sept 2001)
Rebecca obtained her PhD from Oxford University in 2005 and is now living in New Zealand.

Nick Lakin (postdoc Oct 1998-Sept 2001)
Nick has moved to Oxford to take up a lectureship in the Department of Biochemistry and to establish his own research group. He continues to work on ATM, ATR and related proteins in DNA damage signalling.

Brandi Williams (postdoc June 1998-May 2001)
Brandi returned to the USA in early June 2001 to take up a staff position at Myriad Genetics in Utah. She is now at the Center for Translational Medicine, the Moran Eye Center, University of Utah.

Fiona Lavin (lab manager 1998-2000)
Fiona re-trained as an osteopath in London. She is now based in Hertfordshire.

Steve Bell (postdoc Nov 1997-April 2001)
Steve is Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Indiana University. The focus of his research is to understand the molecular mechanisms of DNA replication, using Archaea as a model system.

Andrew McAinsh (graduate student Oct 1997-April 2001)
After time in the States as a postdoc Andrew is now an Associate Professor at Warwick Medical School where he has co-founded the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology.

Daniel Durocher (postdoc 1997-March 2001)
Dan is a group leader at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto, Canada.

Rebecca Molloy (née Izzard) (technician 1996-1999)
Rebecca left the lab to join KuDOS Pharmaceuticals when the company was first founded. She is now corporate health, safety and environment manager at AbCAM.

Susan Critchlow (postdoc Dec 1995-March 2000)
Now a Team Leader in the Cancer Lead Generation Group at AstraZeneca.

David Gell (lab technician 1994-1996, graduate student 1996-July 1999, research associate Aug 1999-Dec 1999)
Now a Senior Research Fellow running his own research group studying protein structure and function at the Menzies Research Institute, Tasmania.

Carol Featherstone (information specialist Jan 1998-Dec 1999)
Carol is a freelance science writer and editor living near Toulouse, France.

Raimundo Freire (postdoc 1996-Oct 1999)
Now a staff scientist at the Unidad de investigacion, Hospital Universitario de Canarias, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain. Raimundo is continuing to work on the mechanisms of checkpoints and cancer.

Graeme Smith (postdoc 1994-1999)
Director of Research at AstraZeneca R & D, Macclesfield. Graeme is investigating novel inhibitors of DNA repair processes.

Knut Eichhorn (graduate student 1995-1998)
After obtaining a medical degree from Oxford University Knut has continued his medical career in the US.

Allison Bardin (Oct 1997-July 1998)
Allison is Principal Investigator, Stem cell and tissue homeostasis group at the Institut Curie, Paris working on stem cells in the fruit fly to study cell differentiation and development.

Simon Boulton (graduate student 1994-1998)
Simon is a group leader at the Francis Crick Institute, London. The focus of his lab is to identify new DNA repair genes, understand how they work in DNA repair in mitotic and meiotic cells and determine how defects in these processes contribute to human diseases such as cancer.

Ugur Yavuzer (postdoc 1994-1998)
Now Professor in the School of Medicine, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey. Ugur 's research interests include regulation of tissue specific gene expression, cell cycle control, DNA repair and molecular mechanisms involved in cancer development.

Sohail Qureshi (April 1994-Aug 1997)
Now Professor and Vice Chancellor, Barrett Hodgson University, Karachi, Pakistan. Sohail's research interests include the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes and archaea; the molecular basis of epileptogenesis; and vaccine development against hepatitis C and E.

Scott Rottinghaus (graduate student 1995-1997)
Scott graduated from Mayo Medical School with an MD in 2001. He did residency in internal medicine at the Mayo Clinic and fellowship in internal medicine at the University of Alabama. He now runs clinical trials for Pfizer and is on the faculty at Yale School of Medicine.

Tonya Bliss (Oct 1996-Oct 1997)
Now a research scientist in the Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University, CA. USA, investigating stem cell transplantation as a potential therapy for stroke.

Bernard Khoo (MB PhD 1992-1997)
Bernard finished his medical training in Cambridge and is now honorary consultant and senior clinical lecturer in Endocrinology at UCL Medical School, London.

Nick Finnie (graduate student 1989-1995)
Currently Head, Intellectual Property - Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Peter Baumann (MPhil student 1993-1994)
Peter is an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute although he still retains his lab at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

Tanya Gottlieb (graduate student 1991-1994)
Following a spell as a postdoc with Lee Hartwell at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Centre, Seattle, USA, Tanya has returned to Israel. She is a free-lance science writer and has joined BiondVax in Business Development.

Brigid Pitcaithly (nee Brophy) (Jan 1992-April 1993)
Now a Research Associate in the Animal Genomics Group, Agresearch, Ruakura, Hamilton, New Zealand. Brigid is characterising a novel transcription factor expressed in late preganacy in lactating mammary glands.

Robert White (postdoc May 1991-Sept 1995)
Chair of Biochemistry, University of York, UK. Robert's research is centred around the RNA polymerase III transcription system, in particular how this system becomes hyperactive in many types of cancer.

Kathy Hartley (technician March 1991-1994)
Has taken up a role as Cambridge Neuroscience Coordinator, Cambridge University.

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