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The Gurdon Institute Postdoc Association was established in 2008. GIPA organises two main annual events: a seminar series with two well-renowned speakers, Discussions on Career Paths and an annual Postdoc Retreat. The aim of GIPA is to encourage scientific and social interactions between Postdocs hosted at the Gurdon Institute. On this website we also provide information about Postdoc life related issues such as accommodation, career development and teaching opportunities.

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Committee: Emmanuelle Vire (President), Monika Bialecka, Natalia Bulgakova, Richard Halley-Stott, Eva Hormanseder, Agnieszka Jedrusik, Benjamin Klapholz, Aidan Maartens, Owen Marshall, Prlemyslaw Stempor, Saskia Suijkerbuijk, Vitor Trovisco, Laura Wagstaff, Astrid Walrant and you?



GIPA events


Upcoming events


Post-doc Seminar Series

World-leading scientists are invited by the GIPA each year to give a talk in the Biochemistry Lecture Theatre

April (date to be confirmed): Peter Campbell, Sanger Institute, Cambridge UK

May 13th: Thijn Brummelkamp, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

May 20th: Philippe Pasero, Institut de Genetique Humaine, Montpellier

May 30th: Andrew Jackson, MRC Human Genetics Unit MRC IGMM, Edinburgh

GIPA Career Paths

A former member of the Institute is invited and will share his/her career experience (inside or outside academia) during an informal discussion. The format will be a round table discussion followed by mingling at a nearby pub.

The next career path events will be posted here...

Post-doc Retreat

The next post-doc retreat will be in 2014 and the date is not yet fixed.


Past events


Postdoc Retreats

June 20 2008, Fri: Robinson College, Cambridge.

June 26 2009, Fri: Robinson College, Cambridge. Career Development

June 18 2010, Fri: Robinson College, Cambridge. Career Developments and New Techniques

June 10 2011, Fri: Jesus College, Cambridge. Collaborations

June 01 2012, Fri: Clare College, Cambridge. Communicating Science

June 14 2013, Fri: Homerton College, Cambridge. Getting the most out of your Cambridge Post-Doc

Postdoc Seminar Series

June 2011: Prof. Titia de Lange from Rockefeller University, New York

May 2011: Prof. Marco Foiani from IFOM-IEO, Milan

May 2011: Prof. Anne Ridley from King's College, London

May 2012: Dr. Simonetta Piatti from CRBM, Montpellier

July 2012: Prof. Konrad Basler from IMLS, Zurich

February 2013: Frank Uhlmann, London Research Institute, London

May 2013: David Allis, The Rockefeller University, New York

May 2013: Denis Duboule, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, Lausanne

June 2013: Susan Gasser, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel

September 2013: Bob Duronio, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


GIPA Career Paths

September 2011: Alison Schuldt (Chief Editor in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology)

October 2011: Pamela Feliciano (Associate Editor in Nature Genetics)

November 2011: Jonathan Milner (Founder and CEO of Abcam)

January 2012: Isabelle Delon (Clinical Scientist trainee in Cambridge University Hospitals)

February 2012: Kat Arney (Cancer Research UK)

May 2012: Isabel Palacios (Group Leader, Department of Zoology, Cambridge)

November 2013: From Industry - Paulina Kolasinska-Zwierz (Medimmune) and Sonja Flott (Abcam)

December 2013: Junior PIs - Sylvain Daujat (France), Antonis Kirmizis (Cyprus) and Chris Nelson (Victoria, Canada)

Feb 2013: Ania Adjuk (Associate Professor in Warsaw, Poland)

March 2013: Jonathan Pearce (MRC translational research)

May 2013: James Wakefield (senior lecturer, University of Exeter)

November 2013: Emmanuel Boucrot (PI at UCL)

December 2013: Fanni Gergely (PI at the CRUK-CRI, Cambridge)


Previous retreat programmes

The GIPA annual retreat is a one-day event with the aim to bring Postdocs from different labs together so that they can get to know each other better and to promote interactions at a scientic level. On previous retreats invited speakers (contact list) were offering workshops covering topics such as career options for life science postdocs, interview skills, time management and many more. Each retreat concluded with a fine BBQ in Gurdon's garden.




Teaching/Tutoring opportunities

Postdocs at Cambridge have the opportunity to lead “supervisions”, small group tutorials of undergraduate students. Supervisions are organised in each of the Colleges by the Director of Studies (DoS) of each subject. A typical supervision is an hour long and involves going over the lecture material for the week, answering student questions and setting and marking essay questions.

If you are interested in supervising at a specific college you can contact the DoS of the subject you are interested in directly, e-mail addresses can be found on most college websites, or e-mail to contact all Biology DoSs. Alternatively you can contact the Departments of the subject you wish to supervise as they may have information regarding supervision opportunities. More information about the Cambridge supervision system on the PdOC website in the 'How to Supervise Guide'.


Institute's sports

People from the Gurdon Institute meet on a regular basis to play sports such as Badminton, Football and Yoga. More information about schedules and locations can be found here.