Our research spans from biophysical mechanism to molecular behaviour in organisms to discover how proteins and lipids control rearrangements of the actin cytoskeleton.


  • September 2017:

    Jenny presents our latest endocytosis work at the EMBO Endocytic Trafficking and Signaling Conference in Serock, Poland.

    Helen submits her PhD thesis and we welcome Bishara who joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher!

  • August 2017:

    Champagne bottles are popping as Vasja’s paper, and Fred and Jonathan’s paper are accepted into the Journal of Cell Biology!

  • July 2017:

    We bid farewell to Vasja, and wish him the best of luck for his Science to Data Science course in London this summer!

  • June 2017:

    Vasja’s paper on an open-source pipeline for filopodia quantification (Filopodyan) is now on bioRxiv!

    Jenny gives a talk on the role of lipid and curvature microenvironment on actin dynamics at the European Cytoskeleton Forum in Helsinki, Finland.

    The lab welcomes postdoctoral researcher Claire Mulvey.

  • May 2017:

    Lab members come together and discuss future research directions at our two-day lab retreat at Madingley Hall, Cambridge (see photos).

    Helen talks about Toca-1 driven actin polymerisation at membranes at the Cellular Dynamics conference in Boston, MA.

  • April 2017:

    Uli is attending the Cold Spring Harbor course on Quantitative Imaging.