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  • April 2017 Uli is attending the Cold Spring Harbor course on Quantitative Imaging.
  • March 2017Jenny and Hanae present our work to the public at the Science Festival. They are using EMIDO blocks and plastic bags to explain how the actin cytoskeleton assembles and structures the cell. We had lots of young visitors exploring actin assemblies (see photos).

    Jenny attends and presents our work at the Biochemistry Department Away Days, good to catch up with friends and collaborators in the Department and from MedImmune.
  • December 2016Vasja receives great feedback on his filopodia image analysis pipeline at the UK actin meeting.
  • September 2016Iris and Uli learn about the newest advances in the actin field at the Actin in Action Symposium at Heidelberg.
  • August 2016A review on the molecular mechanisms of membrane curvature in different systems by Iris, Fred, and Jenny has been published in JCB!
  • June 2016A collaborative work between the Mott lab in Biochemistry and Helen is now published in JBC! Vasja takes part in the European Cytoskeletal Forum on Cell Adhesion and Migration at Robinson College, Cambridge.
  • May 2016Hanae presents a poster on super-resolution imaging of actin assembly factors on membranes at the ICREA BioNanoVision Symposium in Barcelona, Spain.

About Us

We are a lively young group whose research spans from biophysical mechanism to molecular behaviour in organisms to discover how proteins and lipids control rearrangements of the actin cytoskeleton.

3D reconstruction of our filopodia-like structure reconstitution system, taken by spinning disk confocal microscopy