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Current members:

  Nick Brown

contact: n.brown[at]
  Natalia Bulgakova

Research interest: The role of cell-cell adhesion in Drosophila morphogenesis.

contact: n.bulgakova[at]
  Juan Manuel Gomez

contact: jmg206[at]
  Hannah Green
PhD student

Research interest: Interplay between force and adhesion in muscle development and physiology.

contact: hg350[at]
  Benjamin Klapholz

Research interest: Structure/function analysis of Talin, a key integrin-associated protein

contact: b.klapholz[at]
  Aidan Maartens

Research interest: Protein-protein interactions underlying adhesion function in different developmental contexts

contact: a.maartens[at]
  John Overton
Our fly-daddy, micro-injection specialist, and photographer

contact: j.overton[at]

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Former members:

Isabel Delon, PostDoc
Jonathan Friedlander, PhD student
Annabel Griffiths, PhD student
Sven Huelsmann, PostDoc
Yoshiko Inoue, PostDoc
Tarun Kumar, PhD student
Sushmita Maitra, PostDoc
Paula Rodriguez, Research assistant
Peerapat Thongnuek, PhD student
Jutta Wellmann, PhD student
Jari Ylänne, PI on sabbatical visit with us

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