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    CPES Facility

    About the Facility

    The Cell and Protein Engineering and Screening Facility was set-up to provide technical services that will promote and advance research projects within the Institute.

    The CPES currently provides the following services:

  • DNA cloning into mammalian and bacterial expression vectors.
  • Generation of recombinant proteins in bacteria for antibody generation.
  • Polyclonal antibody design and production (Dundee Cell Products).
  • Stable cell line generation
  • Homologous gene-targeting of constructs into mammalian cells to yield cell lines with epitope-tagged genes.
  • Knockout cell line generation (in collaboration with Horizon Discovery Ltd)
  • Screening of focused siRNA libraries in mammalian cells for various readouts (western blotting, FACS, microscopic phenotypes, cell viability etc).

Other services will become available as required such as chemical-library screening, baculovirus expression, protein purification (AKTA), biochemical assays, survival assays etc.


  • Tissue culture (stable cell lines, knockout cell lines, endogenous gene tagging, siRNA-based screens)
  • Recombinant protein production
  • Molecular biology
  • Yeast genetics

Potential expertise in the future:

  • TLR reporter system to study repair pathways
  • Opera High Content Screening System
  • Incucyte live cell imaging